Services broker

As a Digital services broker and trusted partner of our customers we are committed to excellence and impartiality. Leveraging decades of professional services deliverables, with a new kind of consultancy service adding trust and independence, does more than just interfacing buyers and sellers.

The broker take the size requested by the client, SME and Large company: Broker’s team includes companies that are often different in nature and competencies, acting as one same agile structure.

The digital service broker partner with the best in class. Negotiate and prepare exclusive service such as Merger & Acquisition. Deliver short term business impact. Drive quarterbacks. In order to maintain our industry leadership position we continuously search for cutting edge tools that complement our holistic and exhaustive methodologies and services, based on operation and tactical research.

Broke digital services means excel, scale up, share knowledge and invite others to take a lead inside a market. Broke means teaming with discipline, planed operation focusing on delivering objectives that are part of one same business master plan, delivering business impacts that matters to the company and its clients. 

A Broker manage use, performance and delivery of services, and negotiates relationships between providers and clients. Services are described in a Catalog of services and discovery.

A Broker enables new members to discover existing Digital Spaces and infrastructure federations based on tactical research attributes made known during the brokering services.

A broker may have an independent role of clearing house services providing reports on the performed transactions for billing, conflict resolution, insurance, etc.