Cyber Security & Data Protection

Chief Information Security Officer, Cyber security and Data Protection consultant dramatically outperform their peers.

Operation are launched with a legal basis empowering technology. Segregation of expertise and knowledge based process engender project failure and budget loss.

You are welcome to the new IT and legal framework of business operation and tactical methodology that will quickly empower your staff and business. The continuous improvement road will open opportunities to measure your performance and reach security maturity levels. This is the only successful way to maintain your regulatory compliance and ensure long term certification.


Our service is the first of a kind not to propose to replace your staff, but to empower yours. Both Cyber security and Data Protection consultant shall start acting as one in both domains. Recent GDPR 2.0 regulation released end 2018 has not been implemented in all sectors, even in critical infrastructure protection, operator or provider of essential services. Time comes now to prepare privacy expert to take into account the existence of digital services, and cyber expert to act with the right legal basis when implementing technical and security measures.

Our services are customized to allow your company to reach its security maturity. It is a matter of regulatory compliance, and preparation to the EU certification scheme.

Our digital world is facing an enemy growing at a cybernetic scale: Ignorance. Ignorance is so wide that it is spreading now largely in IT companies. Anyone coming from commercial and business acumen become a cyber or a legal expert during the night. Companies security and legal maturity level continue to dramatically fall, not mentioning governance capabilities of the public sector. As a consequence harming European businesses, Member states are often laxist with security compliance with European directives, allowing critical infrastructure, operator and provider to remain irresponsible of the security threats spreading into EU civil society. This is not a race. This is a war.

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