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Application Portfolio Assessment

Don’t manage your application portfolio based on your best guesses. Gather critical feedback from your end users to make informed decisions on the business applications they use.

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Application Managers want to make informed decisions for individual application projects, or to rationalize all or part of their application portfolio. However, this is a difficult task without the right tools.


The Application Manager thus ultimately relies on personal or collective intuition when making their business decisions, which may cause the business to suffer.

Root Cause

Often, Application Managers do not have a simple and structured method to solicit feedback on applications from users to develop a complete understanding of each application. A full blown application rationalization comes with exorbitant fees with deliverables that are impossible to keep current and up-to-date.


Make the right decisions based on targeted data analysis that supports confident and informed decision-making.
Assess individual applications to keep an always-current, easy-to-update, comprehensive metrics dashboard of each application’s health.