Who we are?

We are an IT Consultancy Service Broker. What is this kind of Service Broker? It brings buyers and sellers together with a specific offer of IT consultancy service including customised tools, methodology and (optional) an expert, adding value to the sale process, assisting and understanding buyers’ needs with available business opportunities.

Sellers need a Broker to value their business, maintain confidentiality, properly market the business, identify and screen buyers, prepare sales for new service, scale-up existing ones, facilitate negotiations, facilitate the preparation of closing documents, get the maximum value for the business. Independent consultant needs a Broker to quickly find an appropriate mission.

Buyers needs a Consultancy Services Broker to provide access to thousands of opportunities, to understand the buying process, to match buyer’s needs, skill and expectations with available business opportunities, to understand market conditions, to structure offers and terms, to assist in arranging financing, facilitate the preparation of closing documents and due diligence process.

We evaluate buyers and sellers. In order to deliver Business growth to buyers we propose to evaluate sellers among many IT management tools and methodologies, develop rapid technology-led business solutions through customised project selected by buyers. We specialised in business sectorial applied research IT tools. We therefore have a unique positioning and guaranty business growth delivering unprevail services on a comprehensive range of domains impacting many companies.

Just compare and choose your business deserves the best!

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Empower Future of Work Actors through Digital Culture of Excellence.

Our core values

Plan Mission & Mandate

Prioritize, share a vision; Maintain Mission Mandate at the highest level of energy and urgency; Accept calculated risks without fear of failure; Innovate, eliminate bureaucracy and counter-productive process; Foster a lean and agile organization.

Enjoy the Work We Do

Be proud of our team; Take the time to understand not only what to do, but why you are doing it; Look forward to coming to work every day; Trust; communicate with honesty and be direct; Create a great place to work.

Deliver Extraordinary Value

Focus on creating amazing value for our customers; Empower client; Be proud of the work we do and the success it creates for our clients; Embrace change as the only path to opportunity.


Expect Excellence

Believe mediocrity is unacceptable; Deliver on our promises with agility, embrace change to improve customer satisfaction; Commit to continuously learning and teaching; Collaborate, motivate each other; Work in team to go far; Strive for continuous improvement.

Act With Integrity

Do what you said you would do and do it on time; Share, trust and admit mistakes; Treat everybody with respect and inspire the freedom to challenge conventional thinking.