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CIO Business Vision

Formally and consistently collect insights from your key business stakeholders so you know the direction IT should be moving in, and how you can enable the business to achieve its goals.

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The biggest challenge with managing stakeholders is that it is done with opinions, not facts.


This means that business unit leader satisfaction with IT service areas isn’t well understood, so IT can fail to meet business needs. It also means that resources aren’t deployed effectively, and time and money is wasted because IT isn’t working on the right things.

Root Cause

In effective ways of collecting quality feedback from business unit leaders is at the heart of this problem, and this feedback is often not documented.


Formalize the feedback you get from business unit leaders, get deep insight into which core services they are satisfied or not satisfied with and why, prove when a lack of IT resources is negatively impacting the business (which changes the conversation from “IT needs…” to “the business needs…”) and understand which stakeholders need what kind of support from IT so you can keep them satisfied.