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Some of our bests services

Build an IT Security Strategy

Tailor best practices to effectively manage information security. Use COBIT 5, PCI DSS, ISO 27001, NIST SP800-53, and CIS to ensure an exhaustive approach to security. Elevate the perception of the security team being an enabler to the business.

Enhance Project Management processes to fit your projects

Spend less time managing processes and more time delivering results. Consistent processes will not only help reduce inefficiencies during project planning and execution, but they will also improve collaboration and communication between project managers and IT decision makers. This will help facilitate better visibility into the big picture of all the organization’s project activity

Tailor your Business aligned IT strategy

Success depends on IT initiatives clearly aligned to business goals. Demonstrate to business executives your selection of the most valuable initiatives to become part of the IT strategic roadmap.

Set your right sized Disaster Recovery Plan

Close the gap between your disaster recovery capabilities and service continuity requirements.

Develop an effective plan for managing a Business-aligned data practice. Data Management.

Make sure the right information gets to the right people, at the right time. To support your business building practice that best address opportunities for managing business risk and value, create a culture of collaboration that will allow the plans and visions for your data management practice to maintain momentum and be sustained over the long term.

Build your Business requirements Approach

Poor requirements are the number one reason that projects fail. Optimize requirements approach to give the business what it needs. Allow end users to successfully execute their responsibilities.

Create your Business continuity plan

A business continuity plan knits together every aspect of your organization, making it potentially the most complex project you’ll take on. Enable business leaders to own the plan going forward by establishing a business continuity plan that the rest of the organization can follow.

Create a pragmatic Data Management with an effective Data Governance engine.

Empower data-driven decisions for operational excellence. Gain complete buy-in from the business and IT stakeholders to move forward with the implementation of data governance. Effectively communicate initiatives to end users and executives to reduce resistance

Maintain your disaster recovery plan

Maintain your DR plan on a diet, keep it fit and ready for action. Don’t save up changes for a year-end blitz, which turns maintenance into a very expensive project.

We are an IT Consultancy Service Broker. What is this kind of Service Broker? It brings buyers and sellers together with a specific offer of IT consultancy service including customised tools, methodology and (optional) an expert, adding value to the sale process, assisting and understanding buyers’ needs with available business opportunities.




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